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Modern Maples | A Finished Quilt | 2019 FAL

YAY! I am already doing better than last quarter, I have my first finish for Q3! Nothing like a deadline to help push a project to completion. The fabric for my version of Modern Maples has been pulled for a couple of years now. This past spring I needed the box the fabric was stashed in, so I decided it was a good time to finally stitch up the maple leaf blocks. After the maple leaf blocks were stitched it took awhile to stitch the scrappy low volume 9-patch blocks. I wanted to use scrap/leftover fabric from my bee group and other projects. At that point I didn't need a finished quilt top anyway, so why rush it! Once I had the top together, just like many other quilt top it just sat waiting to be finished. And just like many of my quilts I figured this one would be gifted, so I waiting until I really needed it. Once I knew who I was giving it to, I had a deadline, end of August to finish. Then when my hubby went out of town for work a week ago, my evenings after the

WiP Wednesday | July Edition

I haven't done a WiP Wednesday in quite awhile, so I thought today was a good day to update on my current works in progress.  We are hitting the middle of summer and I'm quite impressed with my productivity! It does help that we don't have a hard set schedule to keep this summer. Plus with it being so hot during the day, my kids and I seek shelter inside. So that just means more sewing and quilting time for mama!  My UP Pixel Quilt has been pressed, backing prepared, and now basted! I think I am just going to do some straight line quilting, then add some hand quilting details. After the kids go to bed, I've been hand quilting my quilt from the 100 blocks 100 days event last year. I am halfway through quilting. So maybe in another month it will actually be finished! Finishing the binding on my Modern Maples quilt. For the binding I did some big stitch binding ( Kitchen Table Quilting has a great tutorial) and I just love this look. Over the last

Summertime Fun

This summer is cruising right along! We have been having fun with vacations, trips to the beach, and of course plenty of sewing here and there. Before the 4th of July, my family took at week long camping vacation. For my husband and I this was our first trip in many years and the first big vacation that we took our girls on. (Spent a few years paying down debt and only taking staycations) We spent the first part in St. Ignace, MI with a trip to Tahquamenon Falls, then on to the lower peninsula. I love camping. Taking a break from it all and slowing down to enjoy nature, what a treat! Here's to many more camping trips! In addition to camping and general summer fun, I've been working on clearing out those small projects. I picked up Elizabeth Hartman's Legendary quilt pattern during the Shop the Top Quilt Shop hop. Bigfoot is everywhere in the UP, so it just makes sense to have a Bigfoot pillow for my living room. Plus I'm of the mindset, that you can

2019 Finish Along | Quarter 3 Projects

Man oh man, that second quarter was way busy than I expected! I did not get to hardly anything on my list, just one quilt finished. This quarter is going to be busy as well with the end of summer and the start of school right around the corner, yikes! So here is my Q3 list, a bit ambitious but a couple of them are almost to the finish line! My Tula Pink 100 Modern blocks quilt top. I actually have this one basted and have started hand quilting, so I am already making some progress! Enna's Sunshine Quilt is ready for quilting. Just need to grab some batting and get to work! My UP Pixel Quilt. I found the perfect backing and now to get this to the finish line! And finally my Modern Maples quilt. I know I will actually finish this one, since I'm on a deadline with this one! Here's to hoping for a productive quarter! Happy Stitching!

I've Got the (Denim) Blues | A Finished Quilt

There are just some quilts that I will only make once. That is not this quilt, I could make this improv inspired quarter log pattern from Heather Jones Studios over and over and over again. The pattern is a free pattern Available from Robert Kaufman. I am actually kinda planning out a second one, I will just need to start buying some denim and chambray fabrics. I received a kit of this quilt for Christmas a few years ago and finally decided to make it for a bridal shower gift. Of course that meant I only had a few weeks (and one of those weeks was our vacation) but I was determined to do it! I really wanted to make one of my already completed quilt tops work, but they just didn't fit the couple. So of course it meant I had to break my rule of starting new projects before finishing my pile of quilt tops. Oh well, such is life! After getting the top together right before vacation, I was determine to get some quilting done. I did quilting every 2 inches and stitched in the d