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Modern Maples | A Finished Quilt | 2019 FAL

YAY! I am already doing better than last quarter, I have my first finish for Q3! Nothing like a deadline to help push a project to completion.

The fabric for my version of Modern Maples has been pulled for a couple of years now. This past spring I needed the box the fabric was stashed in, so I decided it was a good time to finally stitch up the maple leaf blocks.

After the maple leaf blocks were stitched it took awhile to stitch the scrappy low volume 9-patch blocks. I wanted to use scrap/leftover fabric from my bee group and other projects. At that point I didn't need a finished quilt top anyway, so why rush it!

Once I had the top together, just like many other quilt top it just sat waiting to be finished. And just like many of my quilts I figured this one would be gifted, so I waiting until I really needed it. Once I knew who I was giving it to, I had a deadline, end of August to finish. Then when my hubby went out of town for work a week ago, my evenings after the kiddos were in bed were open. So I took that time to bast, quilt, and finish this off with plenty of time to spare!

For the quilting, I used my tried and true serpentine stitch. I wanted it to feel like the wind was blowing. Plus the serpentine stitch is fun to stitch when I don't want my lines to be perfectly spaced apart.

I also bound this quilt with a chunky binding. I love the framing look it gives the quilt. Plus it just feels cozier with that chunky binding. This quilt brings my quilt total to 155 quilts, so glad I took the time go back and count all of my quilts (so thankful for at least taking a picture of them all) so I can include that number on every label from now on.

This brings my unfinished quilt tops down to 3!

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Traditional Maple Leaf block in a layout and background of my design
Dimensions: 55 inches x 67 inches
Quilting: Serpentine stitch
Fabrics: Some Lizzy House, Tula Pink, and other blenders, background random low volume scraps

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  1. Awesome photos!!! Great job on finishing your quilt! I love the random placement of the maple leaves.

  2. Is this where you live? It's so beautiful and makes great backgrounds for quilts. It's such a great quilt. I love that it's not in a regular grid and the serpentine quilting is perfect.

  3. Really pretty quilt. I love chunky bindings also. That scenery is gorgeous. Great backdrop for photography.

  4. I love your neutral blocks with mapple leaves, very beautiful quilt. Pretty quilting too, those lines are perfect! 😍

  5. Serpentine stitch for the win with a quiet few nights and its done! It is gorgeous, as is the it all.

  6. Lovely quilt! I have never tried a serpentine stitch though I have seen it a few times... might need to check if my machine can also do it :) Enjoy your finish! And wow - I can't believe that above 100 number of finished quilts... xo Melanie


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