I've Got the (Denim) Blues | A Finished Quilt

There are just some quilts that I will only make once. That is not this quilt, I could make this improv inspired quarter log pattern from Heather Jones Studios over and over and over again. The pattern is a free pattern Available from Robert Kaufman. I am actually kinda planning out a second one, I will just need to start buying some denim and chambray fabrics.

I received a kit of this quilt for Christmas a few years ago and finally decided to make it for a bridal shower gift. Of course that meant I only had a few weeks (and one of those weeks was our vacation) but I was determined to do it! I really wanted to make one of my already completed quilt tops work, but they just didn't fit the couple. So of course it meant I had to break my rule of starting new projects before finishing my pile of quilt tops. Oh well, such is life!

After getting the top together right before vacation, I was determine to get some quilting done. I did quilting every 2 inches and stitched in the ditch through all of the seams. I did this since some of these fabrics are quilt flimsy and wanted to make sure there was little shifting going on. Then while on vacation I went and added some hand quilting in the dark blue denim blocks (one block per row) just to give it a little embellishment.

Normally I am not good at improv. But this controlled improv was so fun to work with in. Plus I do love that the blocks are not all uniform. A fun exercise in just sewing for the sake of sewing.

With some help from my lovely quilt shop Bijou Lovely I found a great backing and the binding. I love the golden color of the binding, reminiscent of the golden thread used on most jeans. It was just meant to be.

Plus I did a chunky style binding to help frame this quilt! I really do love chunky binding, it has become from fabric style of binding.

*Now a couple of helpful hints when working with non-quilting cottons for quilting. One, starch, starch, and starch! The lightweight chambray fabrics love to fray. I didn't think of this until after, but this would have saved a few headaches I had while stitching this together. And two, I would use a different color for the background fabric, not Kona Oyster. Since the fabric frays so much, those blue threads show up, a very light gray would have been perfect in my opinion.

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Stats
Pattern: Half Way Home by Heather Jones Studios
Dimensions: 60 inches x 72 inches
Quilting: Straight line with added hand quilting
Fabrics: Robert Kaufman House of Denim and Kona Oyster. Binding C&S Sprinkle in Corduroy


  1. I just love this. Now you have me thinking this an an improve lesson for me...who is a little scared of improv!


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