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Project 365: February - June 2015

Quilt the Book

How I love Instagram! A few weeks ago while scrolling through my feed, I stumbled upon #quiltthebook posted by Rachel ( Wooden Spoon Quilts ), who was inspired by Jolene ( Blue Elephant Stitches ). I instantly loved the idea. I have a few quilt books and have always wanted to make them all, well this was just the push I needed. I have a good size stash and decided this would be a great way to help with #SewMyStash2015 and have some quilts on hand to give as gifts and to donate through my quilt guild. So I decided I would quilt from Quilts Made with Love by Rachel Griffith . I have adored this book. There is a good range of quilts to make from baby quilts all the way to small bed quilts. Plus there are some patterns that will help push my sewing and quilting skills. I am in no rush to finish this challenge but, I am going to make a few rules for myself. I must finish each quilt before I can move onto the next quilt in the book. I don't need/want a ton of WIP's Qu