Day 6: A New Week a New Quilt Top

I am participating in the 31 Days writing challenge. I'm using this for accountability to help myself complete projects from my sewing to-do list and finish up Christmas gifts.

Oh Monday, we are such frienemies sometimes. Poor Nora has her 2 year molars coming in and as such isn't the happiest toddler ever and the weather has been well blah!

By the time naptime rolled around I was ready for some mama time. My sewing goal for this week is to finish another quilt top for Christmas and to finish up my Halloween mini. Maybe a lofty goal but I gotta dream big or I'm never going to finish all of my Christmas sewing on time!

As of this evening, I have finished piecing the squares into rows. Next up is pressing and sewing the rows together. The best part of this pattern is the complete random piecing, makes for quick sewing. Then I can play with how the rows come together, but that will be for tomorrow, hopefully!

Happy Sewing!


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