hi, i'm Jess!
i am a wife, mama to two girls, a quilter, a sometime runner, former youth librarian, and lover of all things geek!

I met my future hubby in July 2007 after being set up by my mom. well needless to say after 5 hours of non-stop talking we were both smitten. by the second date i knew i was going to marry him. and i did a little less then 6 months later in january 2008.

after moving and settling into jobs we started talking kids. the first go round was not easy for us. and in march 2011 i suffered a miscarriage. we were both pretty devastated and decided it was best for both, especially me to wait a least year before trying again so we could grieve. the second was much kinder to us and in december 2012 Nora joined our family, then Enna in march 2015.

not long after having Nora i started developing symptoms of postpartum anxiety (PPA), the lesser known relative of postpartum depression. i'm so thankful for my hubby for looking online and discovered PPA, because we were able to approach the doctor and start some medication that has helped me ever since. there is no shame in needing help for anxiety and i'm so glad i went to my doctor to get the help i needed.

during this time, i started picking up sewing again, mostly bags, then quilts came into the picture. i find that days that i sit down behind my sewing machine, my stress and anxiety levels were manageable (with the help of my medication). and once i purchased my new machine, my quilting adventure really began. quilting has now become apart of my life and can't imagine my life without it.

this blog is my way of helping me chronicle and catalog my quilting and sewing adventures. plus i like to throw in daily adventures in motherhood and the occasional book that i enjoyed reading. thanks for stopping by!


  1. your little ones are darling.. and you are blessed to be grateful to be their mom. And blessed, also, to b a quilting enthusiast.


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