2019 Finish Along | Quarter 1 Projects

this year i feel more motivated than ever, to just finish projects. i think it has something to do with watching Tidying Up on Netflix. i want my sewing space mostly tidy and when i have unfinished projects they tend to clutter up my space. so this is the year of finishing projects!!!!

here is my list of proposed projects to finish during the first quarter:

Lizzy House Snail Quilt

Rainbow Boxed In Quilt

Bonnie and Camille Churn Dash Quilt

3 quilts in 3 months, i think that is a good goal to strive for. i'm tired of this just sitting in my WiP pile, it is time to finish them off!


  1. Those are some pretty cute snails and churn dashes!

  2. You will feel better as that pile goes down - ask me how I know. At least a project for every year I have been quilting (and the ones I skipped). Down to about a dozen - and then there are the things I want to do and have fabric for but that is good progess for me and hope you have the same result.

  3. Your snail quilt is ADORABLE! I know how you feel about the WIPS cluttering our spaces...it's not just physical space for me, but also mental space. I have a hard time with them. I chose just two projects for my FAL. I just know myself, and it will take me a long time to get those done. Happy sewing!


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