19 in 2019

Top 9 of 2018

so i hate New Year's Resolutions! i never keep them, or i just plain forget about them by the end of March. well my favorite happiness guru Gretchen Rubin started a list last year called 18 in 2018 based on a listener idea for during a number of things before her birthday. i did a list last year and was more successful with that list than any other resolution from the past. so for the past month or so i have been formulating my list and i think it is a nice mix of sewing, lifestyle, exercise goals that i want to accomplish in 2019!

one of my problems was the visibility of my list. i wrote it in my planner in the front, but generally i skip right over it. so this year i designed this phone wallpaper, so it will always be in front of me and make it easier for me to reference my list.

what your you goals and aspirations for 2019?


  1. Awesome Top 9 of 2018. Great goals for 2019. My goals are mostly quilting-related. Looking forward to reading your blog in 2019.

  2. Awesome list and even more awesome way to remember. Wishing you success and happiness in the new year.

  3. This is a big list for 2019 good luck with it. Your makes for 2018 where all gorgeous!


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