UP Adventure | A 6 Month Update

i can hardly believe that we have been in the UP for 6 months! so i decided it was time for a little update on how things are going.

well to say the least, we LOVE it up here! i enjoy having hiking/x-c skiing trials within a quick drive on my house. plus we have been able to plug into a local church and make more connections then we did for the entire time we lived in Holland. i really think my hubby and i were meant to live in the UP all along.

i was most worried about my oldest daughter Nora, since she would be switching preschools mid-year. but there was no need to worry. i think she is doing better here than at her last school. i'm excited about her starting kindergarten in the fall! my youngest seems to have adjusted quite well, took her a little more convincing on the snow aspect. but she came around.

after my hubby finished his remote work with his last company, he was only out of work for 30 days. he found a job with a local company doing something a little different, but seems to be working out great. and as for me i can continuing to sew and quilt, but i am always getting back into sewing instruction at one of the shops in town! plus i am also working a few hours a week at our new church, which as been a nice blessing.

now that we are in the full swing of summer, we have enjoyed being outside. plus i love the inland lake by our house, it is nice for swimming with the girls. plus our town has some amazing murals downtown and i can't wait to use them for quilt photos!

every month that passes by, i am more and more sure that this was the right move for our family!


  1. Jess I was thrilled to see an updated. I was wondering how things were going. It it one of the most beautiful areas around. Glad everyone is adjusting so well.

    1. Thanks Jan! We have adjusted quite well. I am loving exploring our immediate area, and after this summer tourist season is over, I can't wait to show the girls some of the other areas I have fallen in love with over the years. Thanks for reading!

  2. A wonderful post - so glad the move has worked out well for all of you. Sounds like you have enough to do both at home and at the work you have taken on outside - a perfect blend. Best wishes for continued success in your new home.

    1. Thank you Kathleen. The move has been great, the transition has fairly seamless, love it when that happens. Thanks for reading!


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