Scrappy Rainbow | A Finished Quilt

nice to have this quilt finally done! this quilt is made entirely of scraps. scraps for the blocks, leftover batting, leftover backing, and leftover binding strips. a project to use up those little bits and pieces leftover from previous projects!

i started this quilt as a way to clean out my scraps before we moved. i just started sewing whatever pieces together and worked it until my blocks came together. this is the same method that is present in Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison. this was a great way to relieve stress during the whole putting our house on the market. plus i knew i didn't want to take all of my scraps. so i stitched up what i liked into 10.5 inch blocks and gave the rest of my scraps away to one of my friends.

so i was left with a stack 12 blocks that i pack up and they sat for the next 4 to 5 months as we moved and unpacked. well during the 100 Day Project i pulled the blocks up and stitched them into a quilt top. and it sat some more while i worked on other projects, until nearly the end of the 100 Day Project. then it was quilted up and bound. another quilt done and off my list. and another quilt to go into my to be gifted/donated pile.

i kept the quilting nice and simple with a serpentine stitch that is available on my machine (my go to stitch for a some quick quilting). i just love the texture, especially after a quick wash and dry, oh how i love a good crinkle!

i recently went through my photo archives and counted up the quilts i have made since 2014, this is my 134th quilt! (now i just need to remember to add the number to my labels!)

the mural shown as my backdrop is my new favorite place for quilt photos. we have some pretty amazing murals painted in our downtown are, can't wait to take more quilt photos and highlight them!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: improve slab quilt blocks
Dimensions: 30 inches x 40 inches
Quilting: Serpentine stitch
Fabrics: scraps from various designers that i have saved since i began quilting!


  1. A very colorful and pretty quilt. I love the variety of colors and fabrics. The serpentine quilting is so modern

    1. Thanks, such a nice way to use up those little bits of precious fabric.


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