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Finished Quilts (from the last few months)

so the last few months have been a bit crazy. we put our house on the market, sold it, moved out, and recently found a new home in the UP (7 hours away from our old home). obviously from my last post, this space was not a priority. well now that we are just waiting until we can finish our move, it felt like a great time to get my blog a little attention again.

in between working on the house and taking care of children, i was able to finish a lot of smaller quilt projects. such as this little quilt for a new baby girl for a family at our church. I love a good stash buster and this one certainly did the job.

Pink Gypsy, pattern: Gypsy by Villa Rosa Designs
my quilt group had a movie mini quilt challenge. i love Guardians of the Galaxy and the soundtrack is amazing. so i wanted to pay homage to the music and created this Awesome Mix Vol. 1 mini quilt. i designed this pattern a few years ago for a swap and decided to make it a little smaller this time around.

Awesome Mix Vol. 1, pattern designed by me
 and since i was on a movie kick at that time. i felt is was time to finally test and finish my Geometric Deadpool paper pieced pattern.

Geometric Deadpool, pattern designed by me
 of course while trying to clean out my sewing room, meant a few more projects were started. for instance this pillow cushions came about since i needed to clean out some of my Lizzy House scraps and low volume scraps. a little 5 inch cross block and a pair of cushions later. perfect excuse to use some more of my stash!

Scrappy Lizzy House Cushions, 5 inch cross block pattern
 continuing the cleaning, i found this Finding Dory panel and charm squares. so my oldest daughter finally has her Dory quilt. (of course right now it is packed away in storage, but still it is done!)

Finding Dory, used panel and added the charm square border
finally in my quest to finish up small projects i made another cushion our of the leftover Scrappy Lizzy House cross blocks. this time i set them on point. i really love this block on point, it just may need to become a much larger quilt at some point.

On point cross block, 5 inch cross block pattern
so there you have it, a few of my smaller projects that i haven't shared here due to house craziness. i have a few larger projects that will receive their own post. hopefully it won't take me months to write them.


  1. So good to see what you have been up to. I did a similar thing - moving out of a big house - but we went smaller. I’ll be posting my new sewing room this week.

  2. do you have a pattern available for the deadpool?


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