2016 Goals and a Challenge

Here are my goals for 2016!
  • Finish the Queen size bed quilt for Derek and I!!!
  • Finish up quilts in progress. I currently have two mini quilt that I cut out, but didn't finish in 2016. 
  • Make a challenge quilt for my quilt guilds annual quilt show in July.
  • Make blogging, more of a priority. I share a lot on Instagram, but I would like to keep this space going. Plus this will be a little nicer record for my quilts and I can see my progress as a quilter as well. This will include blogging at least 2x a week to start.
  • Continue my Quilt the Book Challenge, by making 2 quilts a quarter.
  • Start garment sewing. I have a passion for slow fashion and I would like to build on that by making and sewing my own garments.
Not too many goals, but I'm trying to keep things simple to go along with my word for the year, Simplify.


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