WiP Wednesdsay : Current List

In an effort to get a handle of my growing number of wip's I decided it would be best to just list them out.

  • Nora's Bed Quilt
Just need to getting backing fabric and quilt, my goal is to have this done by her 3rd birthday in December!

  • Belated wedding quilt for my brother and sister-in-law, goal to have it done no later than Christmas.
  • Christmas quilt for a gift to my hubby. I have made plenty of quilts but not one just for my hubby, I think with all of his hard work he deserves one!
  • Geeky Science Craft Swap, going to try my hand at cross stitch for the first time and if that fails I have a back up plan. I need to have this one done by January.
That's all for now, plenty to work on in the next few weeks. Here's to hoping my girls cooperate and take their usual naps during the week!

Happy Sewing!

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