Day 17: Finished Mini Quilt Top

I am participating in the 31 Days writing challenge. I'm using this for accountability to help myself complete projects from my sewing to-do list and finish up Christmas gifts

I finally had some time and lets face energy to sew today! I managed to finish my Thimble Blossoms Round & Round Mini. Lots of tiny seams and tiny blocks, but I like how it came out. Though not perfect by a long shot, I embrace the imperfections, because life is not perfect and my quilts aren't either. I strive for my best and ever now and then a seam doesn't want to match up and you know what that's okay. Not everything in the life is perfect and pretty, life can be chaotic and messy, so I embrace the imperfections and just move on!

And hopefully tomorrow, I can sit down and quilt this mini.

Happy Sewing!


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